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Amazon - Best tips:

Customer Reviews

Amazon lets you see the validity and reputation of sellers and their products via the customer review and star rating system. Read what customers really say about the products so you aren’t disappointed.

Amazon Prime

If you want to benefit from faster deliveries, and to get access to Amazon Prime Video, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime. This costs a monthly fee, but if you order regularly from the company, you will make a saving.

Amazon Audible

Audible is a fantastic audiobook company that you can subscribe to and gain access to thousands of high-quality audio books. These can be listened to on your smartphone or tablets.

Amazon info

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world and its CEO Jeff Bezos has turned it into a global powerhouse. Practically everyone has heard of the brand and what they do, and most people you know will have indeed shopped at Amazon too in some capacity. The Australian site is just one of many national branches of the Amazon online shopping empire.

Shopping at Amazon is an easy experience. The website has a large search bar and this is filled with suggestions as you type letters. Also, you can see a range of parent categories beneath this including fashion, music, Kindle books, electronics, toys & games, computers, gift cards, and video games. You can also easily manage your account and change things like delivery addresses and payment methods.

Amazon also makes it easy to see quality products, and products to avoid. This is due to the extensive filtering system. For example, you can search for products only with a 4 star and above rating. Or products within a specific price range. The rating system and customers reviews are also hugely beneficial. Customers who have made valid purchases can leave a star rating and write a review with their thoughts about the product. This helps you see if it is right for you.

But what can you actually buy at the Amazon Australian website with our promo codes? Well, virtually anything! The scope of Amazon’s products and offerings has expanded far beyond when it first started. You can buy kitchen appliances, furniture, gaming chairs, computer parts, clothing, books, toys – the products are ever-expanding due to third-party involvement. Recently, Amazon has also started increasing it’s range of Amazon Basics products too that usually give fantastic value for money.

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