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Domino’s - Best tips:

Domino's VIP Club

If you are a pizza fan and regularly order a delicious Domino's, you can subscribe to their VIP club. This provides exclusive deals and offers directly to your email or SMS.

Zero Contact Delivery

To help reduce the risk of spreading infection, Domino's can provide a zero contact delivery option at your request.

Domino's App

Forget about sitting at a computer – instead, download the Domino's App available on Android and iOS devices so you can order takeaways with greater convenience.

Domino’s info

Domino’s is a worldwide pizza takeaway restaurant that has franchises worldwide. This includes chains in Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, France, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, and more. It is has great acclaim and is well-known for providing an amazing variety of delicious pizzas and sides, and some fantastic meal deals.

The Domino’s website is incredibly easy to use or you can order your pizza via the Domino’s app. Either way, you can quickly browse their extensive menu, add items to your order, and get your takeaway sorted. Domino’s also makes it easy to get a great deal as the website will automatically apply the best deals for the items you order to result in the largest savings.

In terms of menu variety, Domino’s has an excellent choice. This includes pizzas, sides, chicken, drinks, milkshakes, and desserts. The range of pizzas is simply splendid and they include tantalizing options like peri peri chicken, loaded supreme, mega meatlovers, and bbq chicken & rasher bacon. Furthermore, you can customize your pizzas by adding or removing toppings, or even making it a half and half!

Want something to nibble on with your pizza? If so, Domino’s has a brilliant selection of sides too. You can get traditional garlic bread, cheesy garlic bread, oven baked chips, and even a pepperoni puff roll. Lets not forget the desserts too – who can resist a piece of chocolate lava cake, or some oven baked churros with chocolate dipping sauce? You can top this all off with a selection of fizzy drinks too such as Pepsi Max, Mountain Dew, or Sunkist.

Domino’s also makes the pizza process convenient. You can have your order delivered direct and choose a time slot. Alternatively, if you live close to a local chain, there is an option to collect your order in-restaurant. Once you have placed the order, you even get live updates on the process including when the delivery driver has set off!

Domino’s comments

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