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Ebay - Best tips:

Seller Rating System

Buying from a P2P website can often be risky. However, eBay takes away that risk as you can see the seller’s reputation and check if they are reliable.

eBay Plus

eBay has a subscription plan similar to Amazon prime which gives you year-round savings, free express metro delivery, and free returns.

Bid or Buy Now

Using eBay, you can either pay a higher “buy now” price, or enter an auction bid to try and snag a deal and beat other people for the bargain.

Ebay info

Everyone knows about eBay. It is one of the original ecommerce platforms and specializes in P2P (Peer to Peer) selling. Sellers can create accounts and list their products or home items for sale. Buyers can then either bid on the items in an auction or buy immediately using the buy now feature.

On the eBay.com.au website, there is thousands of different items available. The range of categories is extreme and includes electronics, toys, motors, home & garden, clothing, sports, health & beauty, and collectables, for example.

You really could buy anything – from a used car or a motorbike, to a new TV, garden chair set, or even a new suit.

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