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My Muscle Chef - Best tips:

Payment Methods

You can subscribe to My Muscle Chef and pay for your orders with a myriad of payment options. Currently, these include PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Zip.

Free Shipping

For subscribers, they benefit from free shipping on every delivery. That means you can get healthy ingredients delivered directly to your door weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, with no extra cost.


My Muscle chef foods and meals are also available for single purchase from various different stockists. You can use their website to check local stockists in your area to potentially try their foods before subscribing to a meal plan.

My Muscle Chef info

My Muscle Chef started as a small business operated by two brothers in Sydney who had the idea of creating healthy meals rich in protein for their workouts. From the initial development, the company grew and it now delivers over 2 million meals to around 4500 different Australian suburbs. The business aim is to grow their supply and encourage people to eat healthily.

This company started in 2013, and it essentially supplies fresh, convenient and clean meals direct to you. The meals are generally high in protein which is an important component for gaining muscle mass and workouts. Essentially, you can sign up to My Muscle Chef and get meals delivered on a regular basis. You can pick from a menu of over 50 meals, and they also supply a host of useful information such as meal plans and diet tips.

The menu section of the MYMC website is easy to navigate and you can filter your choices by different categories like meals, soups, breakfast, snacks, and drinks. Furthermore, you can then filter by protein type, carbs, calories, and dietary preferences. This really gives you fantastic control and is perfect for those who are on a strict diet either for medical reasons, for a weight-loss program, or as a lifestyle choice.

Examples of the meals available include creamy chicken & mushroom pasta, beef lasagne, crumbed chicken with roasted potatoes, naked beef fajitas, lamb shanks with sweet potato mash, spaghetti and meatballs, Mongolian beef with Asian greens and brown rice, chicken parmigiana with pumpkin mash and vegetables, and beef stroganoff with spinach fettuccine. This is just a small selection of what they have to offer. As you can see, the range of meals is fantastic, and you should easily be able to find something you like.

My Muscle Chef has a brilliant weight-loss program too. If you sign up to this, they will prepare a meal plan for your based on the information you provide. It is tailored to suit your body type etc, and your weight-loss goals. This also includes access to the handy mobile app so that you can track your progress easily.

My Muscle Chef comments

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