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Customer service

Call either of the two Goibibo customer service lines to reach them. You can also send an email to the customer support mail to register your complaints and questions.

Payment method

Pay on Goibibo with your credit or debit cards, or with PayU. You can also pay at the hotel you've booked once you arrive there.

Refund policy

When a booking is canceled, Goibibo credits the account that made the payment back. Refunds are, however, processed as per the rules of the businesses booked. info

Goibibo was launched in 2009, and since then it has been a source of relief for Indians going on a journey. You can book your flights, train, or bus, and make hotel reservations in advance. This provides ease and comfort when you go on your trip as you do not need to hassle for tickets or stay in endless queues.

Goibibo has been a very effective means of speeding up traveling processes and now it makes things even easier by providing promo codes to its users. The cost of service gets considerably cheaper when you use Goibibo promo codes to make your bookings. comments

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