Shraddha Arya is one of the most acclaimed and well-known television actresses in the business. With her screen roles and exceptional acting ability, she’s won the hearts of millions, not just in India, but the world.

Having started her acting career in 2006 in Hindi television, she rose to stardom after starring in India’s popular soap Main Lakshmi Tere Aangan Ki and has never looked back. She has featured in several TV shows over the years, but one main reason she’s been recently in the limelight was for personal reasons. Her wedding ceremony to a Navy Officer on November 16.

The elegant actress is currently regarded as one of the most stylish television divas, and for good reason too. Shraddha is renowned for her sartorial clothing choices that are both stylish and beautiful. Whether she’s on the red carpet or some tropical vacation, the beauty never ceases to impress fans with her fashion style.If you’re attending a wedding or some top event, you are likely to be concerned about what to clothe. In such a case you may want a light saree instead of a heavy one and accompany it with heavy jewelry, just as Shraddha Arya does it. You won’t feel pain when strolling and will be able to socialize comfortably.

The following are some of the best online stores in the UK where you can shop for similar outfits to the impeccable television personality. These offer a range of clothing items and apparel that don’t only appease the eyes but can also cater to those accompanying you.

Shraddha Arya FashionHatkay

Hatkay is rated one of the UK’s top sellers for Indian apparel. This online portal features an extraordinary mix of contemporary designs and traditional workmanship. Their vibrant colours and minimalistic designs represent true Indian heritage and their collection of outfits enhances the beauty of Indian women.

When it comes to sarees, they have full and party sarees which can just be amazing for any occasion. Sarees are made from incredible fabrics like Georgette, Satin Georgette, Net, Silk Satin, Silk, Velvet, and many more. Their range of clothing varies from Punjab Suits to Bollywood dresses, Lehenga Suits, Palazzo Suits, and more.

Worth checking out if you’re looking for some quality Indian outfits that are similar to Shraddha Arya’s.


Another top-rated online store for shoppers looking for authentic, ethnic Indian women’s wear.

Mongoosekart has a variety of Indian rasams from all regions and cultures in India. They have a collection of Punjabi Suits for brides and lovers. South Indian fashion outfits are also available as well as Pakistani styled suits for Islamic females. They have a range of Lehenga Choli for weddings as well as a variety of Salwar Suits to suit just about any woman.

If you’re looking for quality alongside fashion trends, this store is worth checking.


Shopkund is a favourite for many living in the UK, not just Indians but citizens and other nationals too. This store has clothing items that are loved internationally, a good reason for its notable success.

Shopkund offers customers cultural and fashionable outfits from the land of royal palaces and snake charmers. They pretty much have just about every outfit to suit different styles and personalities. Although they have stores in the UK, much of their clothing items are sourced from India, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity.


Founded in Mumbai, India in 2007, Kalki induces the very spirit Mumbai was built on. A dynamic, upstart, and innovative brand, Kalki offers nothing short of the best of fashionable, ethnic Indian outfits and fusion-wear styles. It stays true to its brand’s promise of offering wearable premium fashion.

Kalki constantly unveils new designs and fresh collections throughout the fashion calendar to meet customer expectations. The brand’s design and aesthetic sensibility pursue inspiration from all walks of life; be it intricate creations, culture, and architecture, the beauty of nature, or the grassroots traditions of India.


A top-of-the-range online store that believes in women being able to define their beauty as the word beauty differs in meaning among people. Although a mostly Indian-oriented store with a variety of quality clothing from all corners of India, the store strives to provide something for everyone regardless of her race, size or colour. Cbazzar is also a pioneer of EthnoVogue, a concept believed to allow every woman to stand proud of herself. Men’s and kids’ clothing options are available too.

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