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Plum - Best tips:

Payment method

You can only use your debit, credit card, or UPI to pay for your Plum Goodness purchases.

Customer service

If you are experiencing any difficulty with the Plum app, contact their customer service team with their toll-free line.

Delivery condition

Most of your orders are delivered in one or two business days. You will be informed if it will take longer to deliver.

Plum info

At Plum, you can find products to keep you looking young and fresh. The brand is concerned with everything to keep your skin, hair, and entire body radiant. Plum was founded in 2013, and it provides its customers with a healthy, blemish-free body with its essential oils. Regardless of your skin type, hair type, or color, you can find the best products to give you clean, silky skin and healthy, shiny hair. These products are available for women, men, and children alike.

What to find on Plum

If you are suffering from any skin problem like acne or eczema, have dry lips or have frizzy or falling hair, you will find products to remedy it on Plum Goodness. They have different types of products solving the same skin problem, providing you an avenue to make various choices depending on your preference and budget.

Cosmetic products, serums, scrubs, and masks among others are available for your face and lips. Moisturizers and sunscreens are also in stock for the rest of your body. For your hair, you will find shampoo, conditioners, and hair oils. If you want combos for optimal results, or need a specialist’s attention, you can get those too at Plum. Check them out and shop for your favorite products now.

Customers love Plum and here is why

Firstly, Plum’s products are effective. When you get a product to tackle any skin or hair condition, rest assured that the problem will be tackled and your skin will return to its natural smooth look. The best brand in India to shop for your skincare products is Plum because you also wouldn’t have to worry about harmful chemicals, they use natural ingredients.

Not only does Plum make you look good, customers admit that it makes them feel good as well. Your skin feels nourished and hydrated, keeping you glowing. After the first trial of their products, you are sure to go back for more!

How to save money as you shop from Plum

Skin and hair care products are not very cheap and finding an effective and rewarding one can be tasking as well. However, Plum has made it easier by not only providing the best products for you but by making them affordable with their promo codes. Plum’s promo codes allow you to shop at a discount, enabling you to get fine products for your body and save money while at it. Regardless of your budget, you can always patronize the brand with its always-available discount codes.

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