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Puma - Best tips:

Customer service

There is a dedicated hotline for customers facing issues on Puma. Contact the toll-free number to get through to Puma Customer care professionals.

Payment method

Use your credit or debit cards, Afterpay, PayPal, or Puma gift cards to pay for your purchases.

Delivery condition

Puma's delivery takes at least three to five working days unless otherwise stated. They do not take responsibility for goods damaged after delivery to the shipping address.

Puma info

Puma has evolved through decades of footwear and clothing production to become one of the best designer brands globally. The brand has many outfits for sporting activities as well as casual fashion events. Puma is also influenced by a lot of celebrity sportsmen and fashion icons, assuring the common man of the quality of their products.

Puma has kits for football, athletics, basketball, golf, and many other sports. The brand offers promo codes to its customers as well. To purchase your Puma products at all steal-away prices, make use of their promo codes as you shop.

Puma comments

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