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Rapido - Best tips:

Customer service

Reach the Rapido customer service team by writing them a mail, or filling out a complaint form on the help center page.

Payment method

Rapido accepts payment with cash, Rapido wallet, and other e-wallets. You are to reach a payment option agreement with your Rapido captain.

Refund policy

If you cancel your Rapido ride forty-eight hours before the ride, your payment is refunded without any deductions. If you cancel twenty-four hours before, however, only half of your payment is refunded.

Rapido info

Rideshare services have changed the way people get from one place to another. Now, instead of hailing a cab or renting a car for an out-of-town trip, you can simply download an app and get picked up by a rider in need of work. It’s cheaper and has the potential to reduce the number of vehicles clogging city streets.

Rapido helps make inter-city traveling easier for users. It also creates jobs for bike riders, who are known as Rapido captains once they get hired. As this service grows in popularity, Rapido has made promo codes available to cut the cost of the already cheap transportation method for its users.

The discount codes allow you to get rides around cities for ridiculously cheap prices, helping you save money. Rapido captains also make money depending on how many rides they give each day, and it could get as much as 2 Lakhs daily. When you book a ride, Rapido allocates Captains that are near you to ensure quick pick up.

Rapido has a well-established safety protocol for its riders and passengers. Passengers will be able to see their driver’s identity as soon as they are matched. Riders are accompanied by Rapido’s name and a phone number to allow passengers to contact them in case of any assistance. They are also required to take a selfie while picking up a passenger to ensure the identity of both parties. In addition, passengers need to be at the pick-up location at least five minutes before their ride. These and some more are the precautions that Rapido takes to ensure the safety of its riders and passengers.

Rapido Bike Taxis are the best way to get around in India. It’s cheap, super convenient, and relatively safe. The only downside to this service is that it is currently available only in major cities in India. There are, however, promo codes to use. Make sure to take advantage of these promo codes on your next Rapido rides.

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