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Yatra - Best tips:

Payment method

Use your credit or debit cards to pay on Yatra. Net banking is also accepted.

Customer service

Send a mail to the business email address, or call Yatra's customer service line to contact them and register your questions.

Refund policy

You only get a full refund on your bookings if the cancellation is done by the airline or hotel. When you cancel your reservations, a cancellation fee is deducted.

Yatra info

One of India’s top online travel agencies, Yatra, offers top-of-the-line client service. Both leisure and corporate travelers can browse, study, compare prices, and book a variety of services catered to their travel needs through their websites, mobile applications, and other related platforms.

Over 7 million users have utilized one or more of Yatra’s extensive travel-related services since it launched in 2006. A good user experience on the platform is something the brand is committed to ensuring, and they have done a good job of it so far.

Services available on Yatra

You can purchase bus tickets, hotel reservations, domestic and international airline tickets, guesthouses, vacation packages, train tickets, activities, and auxiliary services on Yatra. It is the largest platform for domestic hotels in India, with over 103,000 hotels contracted throughout the country.

The business ensures that its customers receive only the finest services and nothing less. It does this by providing a comfortable environment for them to have a quiet and safe trip.

Why you should use the Yatra travel agency

Yatra is a well-known and reputable travel brand. Its advantages include a strong customer base, a multi-channel platform for both business travelers and tourists, a robust mobile ecosystem for a range of travelers and suppliers, and a solid technological foundation that is built to support high levels of innovation and scalability.

They also have an experienced senior management group made up of business professionals with long histories in the travel sector both in India and overseas. As was already mentioned, they always put the interests of their clients first. Because of this, clients keep utilizing their services.

How to get Yatra’s special discounts

Traveling can be an expensive business, but with Yatra’s promo codes, you don’t have to worry a lot about your expenses anymore. The company provides its customers with promo codes all year round. These can be found on the Yatra app or website, and other promo code sites. When you use the available promo codes, you get reasonable discounts on your flight, bus, and hotel bookings. This way, you can have a great and enjoyable trip without necessarily breaking the bank.

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