We love organised fun. We add dancing lights, music, conversation, and a host of other things to spice up the perfect house party. But how do we make it even cooler? Yes, you guessed it right. Drinking games! That’s how we do it!

The following are some of the coolest social party games in the UK to look out for.

CONFIDENT? Board Game: The Hit Family Party Game – A Quiz Game with a Brilliant Twist

Confident? Board GameCONFIDENT? a highly entertaining party game for families with questions like ‘How many slices are in a loaf of bread?’ Instead of giving exact answers, you guess within a range. The smaller the range the more you earn points…that’s if you’re correct! Anyone and everyone can play if you’re CONFIDENT enough to win of course.

It ranks among UK’s most popular family board games with brilliant questions, crazy conversations, and laugh-out-loud answers.

Product Highlights

  • No need to know the answers: instead of giving exact answers you guess within a range, but aiming to correct and be confident. If anyone can guess, then anyone can win.
  • Hilarious guesses: flip your answer boards for big reveals and laugh at the ridiculous ranges that come about. The less you know, the funnier the game is. A player with the smallest range scores the most point, provided they are correct.
  • No-fuss but fun for hours: a simple yet addictive concept allows you to open the box and start playing right away. It’s a couch-friendly game that’s enjoyed by adults and kids.
  • Loved by all age groups: this award-winning board game can host from 2-to 30 players. No better game to entertain the family and masses.

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Snakesss: Award-Winning Board Game for Adults and Family

Snakesss Board GameSnakesss is a party trivia game where your friends and family lie to you. Can you figure out who? Anyone can be a snake, even grandma! You only trust in the Mongoose of Truth.

An easy-to-learn and play game that lets you slither your way to victory by answering right.

Product Highlights

  • Hisssterical award-winning game: a board game ideal for adults and family that involves convincing players to pick wrong answers. It’s one of the best board games to hit the UK market.
  • My anaconda don’t: want you to choose the right answers. A single player gets the Mongoose of Truth, meaning you can always trust what they say.
  • Sssspeedy rounds: a family board game with something for everyone; trivia, creativity, and some sneakiness all wrapped up in a push-your-luck, fast-thinking, bluffing game.
  • Fun for all: It’s full of content and anyone can play. Your grandma seems to know too much about ancient Egypt. Is she trying to help you? Or she’s one of those snakes!
  • Quick to learn, easy to play: this award-winning board game is best played by 4 to 8 players, ages 12+

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Prezey Fun Party Drinking Game for Adults, Students, Pre-Drinks, Hen Do’s, and Stag Nights – 2 in 1 Game

Prezey Drinking GameThe Drinking Game is a British group game created by two former university students, that allows you to be the ultimate host while drinking with your friends. It comes with 54 wooden blocks, 48 of which have instructions printed on them with 30 different variations, and 6 blank meant to customise challenges to your own needs or jokes.

Some are very easy and some advanced, but they are all fun to play and can help break the ice or learn more about your friends!

Product Highlights

  • Best for socialising: the perfect game for pre-drinks and house parties. It’s the all-around ultimate drinking game to enjoy with friends new and old.
  • No prep required: hours of fun can be enjoyed without a long setup or extensive learning process. Grab a drink and get ready! Play once to kick-start the night with a quick pre-drink round, or play several rounds as a featured activity.
  • Includes: 54 wooden blocks. 48 have instructions printed on them with 30 different variations and 6 blank for you to customise challenges to your unique preferences. The blocks are the right size to play on a table, but still large enough to pull out easily, unlike similar products.
  • 2 in 1 game: mix the fun of group activities on card drinking games with the challenge of stacking blocks without knocking them over.

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