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Casetify - Best tips:

Customer service

Contact the Casetify customer service team by sending a mail to the business's email address. Their response is quick.

Payment method

Casetify accepts payment with major credit and debit cards, like American Express, Visa, or MasterCard. They also accept Apple pay, PayPal, Venmo, and Klarna among others.

Delivery condition

Orders above $35 are shipped for free internationally. Orders are usually delivered within three working days but may take longer depending on your location.

Casetify info

Casetify, formerly known as Casetagram, is one of the world’s top three casing and electronic accessories brands. The company sells bespoke cases made from photographs provided by their customers. It also sells accessories with different other designs providing varying choices for customers.

Casetify cases have been reputed to be durable, waterproof, and provide excellent protection. They also infuse aesthetics in their cases, with interesting color combinations and patterns. Like normal cases do though, the color of the cases may fade as they age, but the degree is entirely dependent on the user’s behavior and the environment in which the phone cover is used.

Their goods are inspected thoroughly to assure consistent high quality. Depending on customers’ requirements, device cases that are shock-resistant or drop-resistant are typically tested for those qualities in their specific applications.

The cost of Casetify cases varies depending on the type of cases you want, and the model of devices you want them for. But you can get these cases way cheaper than their normal prices if you make your purchase with Casetify’s promo codes. This helps you save money while getting a beautiful case with your desired design for your various smartphone or laptop model.

For Casetify products, safety is certified because they’re created with non-toxic materials. They are also professionally examined, and even the liquid glitter cases that are usually worried about have passed all safety tests, ensuring the protection of their customers. Their cases also do not cause overheating of phones.

The Apple Watch bands sold on Casetify fit many Apple watch models. They come in a standard length and are, therefore, compatible with most models that have the suitable watch face size. Their Impact cases are also shock absorbent with bumpers around their edges.

When picking a design for your Casetify cases, you are urged to submit high-quality photographs so you can get cases with equal design quality. It is recommended that you use your own photos or artworks for your designs as well because Casetify doesn’t print artworks that violate property rights.

All in all, this company ensures to keep their customers informed about the kind of products suitable for them. They are concerned about customers’ satisfaction, so they educate them about the choices best-suited for their needs.

When a processed Casetify order is authenticated, there is a promo code given to the buyer, so they can get their next products for cheaper. Make sure to shop all your electronics and casing accessories from Casetify, and always use their promo codes for better offers!

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