It is important to read through our cookie policy so that you understand exactly how cookies are used on our website.

Cookies are small data files (not edible treats!) used on our website to improve user experience. These cookies can be used to collect information relating to your habits and use of the website to give a tailored service. On using our website, you will be informed about the use of cookies and agree to accept the use of cookies when using our services and websites. Cookie settings can be changed at any time and the settings changes will take immediate effect.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a simple text file used to store data. They are used to identify information that can then be used to give a tailored service when browsing a website.

Which cookies do we use?

  • Persistent cookies
  • Session cookies
  • Strictly necessary cookies
  • Performance cookies
  • Functionality cookies
  • Advertising cookies

How to delete and block cookies

Cookies can easilybe deleted via the settings menu in your web browser. The exaxt menu name and path differs depending on the browser (such as Google Chrome or Firefox), but cookies can generally be deleted in the privacy tab.

Updated 7/06/2022

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