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Drizly - Best tips:

Payment method

Drizly allows payment with your credit and debit cards. You can also pay with your prepaid gift cards after following the laid instructions.

Customer service

Contact the Drizly customer service team by messaging the business email or giving them a call on their business line.

Delivery condition

Orders made by people above 21 years are delivered. Standard delivery takes one hour, but it may take a little longer due to factors like traffic or weather conditions.

Drizly info

Drizly is the biggest online marketplace for liquor in the US and Canada. The company’s goal is to be devoted to the people who create life’s moments and to the moments themselves, and that’s what it has been doing.

To expand the company and enhance the experiences of its customers, Drizly collaborates with tens of thousands of shops in more than fourteen hundred cities. It offers a rich e-commerce shopping experience with tailored content, transparent and competitive pricing, and an unmatched variety.

Drizly liquors and collaborations

You can find various selections of wines, beers, and liquors on the Drizly website. These drinks are not sold by the brand, but by the liquor vendor brands, it collaborates with. As earlier stated, there are tens of thousands of these brands. Therefore, no matter what kind of alcoholic drink you want, you can always order from the Drizly website. You are sure to get it.

The company only serves as a delivery link between you, the customer, and the markets that sell the kind of booze you want. Their delivery is also fast, taking an hour or lesser.

Drizly customer reviews

Though there are times when Drizly delivery might get tardy because of unexpected weather conditions and traffic, their service is still appreciated by customers. By bringing ordered beers and wines to customers’ doorstep, the company has taken a huge space in their hearts.

Drizly also has good customer service which gives them a good brand image with their patronizers. Check the brand out and you won’t be disappointed!

Drizly delivery charges and promo codes

Drizly charges an unchanging ground fee for most of its deliveries, but you can always get a discount when you shop with their promo codes. Drizly promo codes enable you to save money or even buy more drinks than you have earlier planned to get.

Also, these codes are readily available on the Drizly website and other promo codes websites, so you can find the one that suits you and start shopping. Never run out of alcohol again!

Drizly comments

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