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ESPN+ - Best tips:

ESPN+ Subscription

The subscription is $7 per month or $70 annually. You can also get annual membership as a gift. It's cheaper to subscribe annually, as you get to save $14 if you do an annual subscription. Monthly costs $84.

ESPN+ Free Trial

Unlike every other video streaming service ESPN+ doesn't offer any free trial. You can enjoy all the available services monthly for $7, and you have the luxury of cancelling your subscription at any given time.

ESPN+ Schedule

You can access their streaming schedule and plan for the games you will love to watch. With this plan, you get value for your money; Even if you decide not to subscribe again, you will already get your money's worth.

ESPN+ info

Entertainment has never been any better. You can conveniently stream all your favourite movies and TV shows with a minimum of fuss as long as you have access to good internet or WiFi service. When you think of movies and TV shows, you think Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime. For sports, it’s a little different not many video streaming services offer sports, and those who do, offer sports streaming services with limitations. Most streaming services offer a selected brand of sports, Soccer, NFL, and NBA.

ESPN+ offers a wide range of sports beyond regular video streaming platforms. Every year, ESPN+ offers over 10,000 live sporting events. Soccer, UFC, NBA, and F1 racing to list a few. College football, college basketball, and College bowl, among other college sports, are also included. They also offer award-winning films and documentaries. Whatever your preference is, you can never go wrong with ESPN+.

ESPN+ comments

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