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Priceline - Best tips:

Payment method

Priceline payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express cards. Payments are only processed in US dollars.

Customer service

To reach the Priceline customer care team, contact them on their toll-free number, or chat with them on their text line.

Refund policy

Priceline flights are cancellable only on the day of booking. Refunds are processed in two to three days.

Priceline info

Priceline provides travel services for its users by finding businesses with discount traveling purchase rates and connecting them with their users. It is an American Company founded in 1997, and it became an online business in 1998.

As earlier stated, Priceline ensures they get discounted travel services for their users. These discounts now get double with the Priceline promo codes. You get to save money from your trip, and maybe get yourself some souvenirs!

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